Ali Bazmandegan, founder of A.B. Studio, is a self-developed painter and architect whose artistic works started in 1999 and is fueled by his passion for architecture and art. He attempt to satisfy the spirit, through his works, as well as establishing a particular connection with his audience. Some qualities inherent in his works are the hidden layers of human emotion that talk to the viewers, simply narrating a short story, and their cross-cultural form, in a way that people, regardless of their race, language or culture, can easily connect and are each able to have their own unique interpretation. He aspires, through his art, to make people of different nations and their art and culture closer, as it is believed the specific aesthetic nuances inherent in every culture, if discovered and juxtaposed, can create novel styles, something in line with the post-modern trends in art. His aim as an artist is to be able to relate with different people, by means of his art.